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June 2, 2009


Not a candidate but the turnout at the election

It almost seems as if Karzais’ biggest challenge will not be a candidate, but the turnout at the election. A second ballot between the two candidates holding the most votes seems likely. A majority of more than 50% of the votes, as it was the case in 2004, can almost be ruled out. A poor polling could further reduce the political legitimacy.

May 30, 2009


Who will be the next president of Afghanistan?

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah gained 10% of the votes during the survey, former Minister of Finance Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai 8%. Abdullah, born in Kandahar, does not seem to have a lot of popularity in the east and southeast. In Nangarhar (3%) and Khost (6%) he did not gain a lot of votes. But even in Kabul (12%), Balkh (13%) and Heart (19%) the candidate of the national front, at least according to the survey, seems to have reached his limits.

May 29, 2009


Karzai has good chances

Afghanistan is electing their President for the second time, since the expulsion of the Taliban, on 20th of August 2009. The results of opinion polls showed that Karzai has good chances of winning the presidential elections. 23% of the interviewed said that they will vote for him. This makes Karzai 11 percentage points ahead of Ramazan Bashardost who is placed second, a nonparty parliamentarian and former Minister, who according to the survey will be elected by 12% of the interviewed.

May 28, 2009


Knock-on effect against the Islamic terror

Referring to the American Afghanistan Strategy, Eckart von Klaeden - foreign spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary fraction, gave a speech. “For Barack Obama Afghanistan has a knock-on effect in the battle against the Islamic terror”, according to Klaeden. It is therefore, after the planned raise of American troops, expected that an “Americanization of the international conflict management” in Afghanistan takes place.

May 28, 2009


Minister of Defence Jung about the mission of German Forces in Afghanistan

During the event „Challenge Afghanistan – Linked Security at the Hindu Kush“ Minister of Defence Jung gave a speech referring the latest developments in Afghanistan. The Minister urged, not to start feeling insecure due to the attacks on German soldiers. “With these insidious attacks it is tried to spread a feeling of insecurity and influence the public opinion in Germany. We need to approach this effectively”, said the Minister.

May 28, 2009


Big media-attention

The 28th of Mai, Dr. Noor Ebad presented the results of an opinion poll realized by the NCPR, during a press conference. Within the scope of a an university project, organized by KAS and NCPR 5.040 people out of five Afghan provinces were interviewed to a total of 16 questions during 23rd to 30th of April 2009.The provinces were chosen since they represent the north, south, east and west of the country and possess university-structures, which were included into the opinion poll.

May 10, 2009


Talent Contest

The NCPR and NATO Diplomacy Division, finished the Manfred Woerner Award for Afghanistan successfully in 2008. Both would like to launch this program together for 2009 as well. The program will give the chance to young lecturers and students of Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar and Balkh to write their inventive proposals in 2-3 pages about the reconstruction of Afghanistan. The participants shall submit their proposals to NCPR till 10th of June 2009. (May 10, 2009)

April 29, 2009


Steinmeier visits Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier has arrived in Kabul today. This is already the fourth visit to Afghanistan of the SPD-politician. According to the Foreign Office, Steineier will pay a visit to his colleagues Dadfar Spata and President Hamid Karsai during his two-day stay.

April 29, 2009


Capacity Building Seminar for Afghan Journalists

The National Centre for Policy Research, Partner of Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung, has held a seminar on “Presidential Elections- Duties and Responsibilities of Media” from 20th - 30th of April 2009 in collaboration with Deutsche Welle Akademie. The aim of this seminar is to aware the participants about the transparency and principles of the presidential election.

April 20, 2009


NCPR has Published its Research Projects

The research project "The Criteria of Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan" of the NCPR's Social Sciences Department is published yet. The paper focuses on the causes of insecurity in order to work out solutions and to carry out some strategies for a sustainable peace process in Afghanistan. The research paper was introduced and distributed during the conference “Re-Secure Afghanistan” that was organized by some National and International Organizations including the NCPR on April 20 and 21.