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November 30, 2008


NCPR Offers a Seminar on Monograph Writing

Upon the successful completion of the training program in 2007, the NCPR carried out a training program for final year students of Kabul University’s faculties, for ten executive days in late October 2008 and early November 2008. This program provided training for some 900 students, and complements the NCPR’s training in research undertaken in 2006, 2007 and 2008 known as the German–Afghan Research Forum (GARF), aimed at introducing the culture of scientific research methodology.

November 14, 2008


What Happens in the Afghan Parliament?

The Parliamentary Bulletin covers on a monthly base issues discussed in the Afghan Parliament. Additionally, chosen MPs make a contribution. Pease follow the link to read more about October 2008. more…

November 5, 2008


The German-Afghan Research Forum (GARF III)

GARF was established in 2006 by KAS as a major initiative to introduce research methodology to the 3 Faculties of Kabul University represented at the NCPR: Law & Political Science, Economics, and Social Science. The GARF program was envisaged having 3 main objectives: Strengthening the links between the NCPR and the corresponding Faculties at Kabul University, promoting the culture of research, and training for top students in research methodology. Please follow the link for more information. more…

October 29, 2008


German Foundations interchange with BMZ

At 28.10.2008 german political foundations met with represantatives of the BMZ in Kabul, to interchange positions acoording to Afghan civil society and the upcomnig elections in 2009 and 2010. The follwing persons toke part: Mrs. Hieronymus, Mrs. Hett and Mrs. Wahidi (BMZ), Mrs. Koch-Laugwitz (FES), Mrs. Qasmi (HBS), Mrs. Stemmler and Mr.Kipping (german embassy), Mr. Schmitz Guinote (BMZ, Mazar-e-Sharif), Mr. Arsalai, Mr. Abbaszadeh, Dr. Noor Ebad and Dr. Babak Khalatbari (KAS).

October 24, 2008


Jung: "Fallen in service for peace"

With a funeral service the Bundeswehr toke leave of the both in Afghanistan killed German Soldiers. Minister Franz Josef Jung (CDU) participated. Jungs sayed: "The soldiers were killed durimg their service for peace in Afghanistan".

October 18, 2008


International Peace day gets celebrated in Kabul

The International Peace Day was established by a UN Resolution in 1981 and first celebrated in September 1982 on the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly. The NCPR, KAS and the Kabul University organized the participation of teachers and students at the celebration of the Peace Day. Students of Kabul University contributed actively to the Peace Day in a creative way by painting pictures and writing poems about their imagination of peace as well as by journalistic work.

October 17, 2008



The German Parliament (Bundestag) accepted the enlargment and elongation of the ISAF madate with broad acdeptance. 442 MP vote for "Yes", 96 for "No" and 32 contained vote. CDU, SPD and FDP have voted with "Yes". Druring the following 14 months 1000 German soldiers more then before can be ordered to Afghanistan. Most of the Green MPs and all of the Left party MPs voted "No".

October 15, 2008


What happens in the Afghan Parliament?

The Parliamentary Bulletin covers on a monthly base issues discussed in the Afghan Parliament. Additionally, chosen MPs make a contribution. Pease follow the link to read more about September 2008. (Oct. 15, 2008) » more…

October 11, 2008


The reshuffle in the cabinet took place just days after Afghanistan started voter registration process

President Karzai in a surprise move on October 11, 2008 replaced five ministers of his cabinet. The former Minister of Education, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, is the new Minister of Interior Affairs. Former Minister of Interior Affairs, Zarar Ahmad Moqbil, is the new Minister of Refugees. Former Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Farouq Wardak, is the new Minister of Education. The former Governor of Kandahar, Assadullah Khalid, is the new Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.

September 20, 2008


Cultural program

On 20th September 2008 a guided tour of Berlin and Sanssouci took place. During the stay at Sanssouci the bomb attack on the Marriott hotel in Islamabad happened, in which more than 50 people were killed. In the course of the joint dinner a secretary of the Wolesi Jirga, Herr Shujazadah, compassionately expressed his deepest sympathy to the Pakistani representatives.