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Status and Prospects for Afghanistan's Industries

Sectoral Study on Handy-crafts with Emphasis on Carpet Weaving

This study suggests to promote carped weaving both as a cottage-based and commercial industry by adopting a dual strategy of encouraging and supporting the setting up of marketing service facilities either on a co-operative basis or as individual enterprises (wholesale/marketing units) in the main carpet weaving regions outside the capital city and by adjusting economic policy to fulfil a function of export promotion similar to that of the main competitors. more…

Abdul Baqi Banwal | August 24, 2005


Praktikantenprogramm HIER


Country Reports | August 16, 2005

Promoting Democracy in Post-Conflict Societies

Building democratic institutions in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's new constitution promulgated in January, 2004, lays the foundation for a state based on Islamic values and democratic principles. The country is now faced with the challenge of making the provisions of the constitution a reality and reconstruct political institutions after a period of 23 years of internal conflict. Afghanistan's answer to the challenge of institution-building in a post-conflict society is mainly based on past experiences, e.g. the constitution of 1964, and some new features are being added due to the developments since then. Out of the democratic principles, four are being looked at in this paper: Equality, division of power, power-sharing, and pluralism. They are considered crucial elements for institutions in post-conflict societies to gain popular support and legitimacy in order to overcome a climate of mutual distrust and suspicion that results from the period of conflict. more…

Werner M. Prohl | April 18, 2004