Navigating Uncertainty: Security Challenges and Strategic Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific

A foreign policy roundtable

November 7 Tuesday


November 7, 2017


Sydney, Australia


Professor Brahma Chellaney, Professr Joachim Krause, presided by Dr. Ashley Townshend


Experts' Meeting

invite-only roundtable discussion with Professor Brahma Chellaney and Professor Joachim Krause who will provide expert Indian and trans-Atlantic/ European perspectives on the issue of security challenges and strategic partnership in the Indo/Pacific.

Also available in Deutsch

As President Donald Trump approaches one year in the White House, countries across the Indo-Pacific remain uncertain about the direction of US policy in the region. Although the Trump administration has recommitted itself to Asian allies and partners, and has continued to pursue close ties with India, it has yet to articulate a comprehensive regional strategy. Uncertainty over the future of US policy comes as regional security challenges are on the rise. From the North Korean nuclear crisis and ongoing maritime tensions in East Asia, to the spectre of violent extremism and major power competition, the Indo-Pacific security landscape is becoming more volatile and difficult to manage.

In cooperation with the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, KAS Australia and the Pacific will host an expert roundtable discussion to address these challenges and seek to identify new opportunities for strategic partnerships.

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