New publication: Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

A Special Report documenting the findings of the 2nd ASPI–KAS Australia–Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

We are pleased to announce the publication of this Special Report by our cooperation partner, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). On 3–4 November 2016, the 2nd ASPI–KAS Australia–Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue was held in Barton,Canberra, Australia. The issues discussed in the dialogue are covered in this special report.

The Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue was jointly organized with ASPI. In its second year, the two-day conference focused on countering violent extremism, counter-terrorism strategy and architecture, and future Australian-European cooperation in this area.

While the dialogue operated under the Chatham House Rule for the non-attribution of personal comments and views, this report brings together the key issues and themes, including: countering violent extremism, the homegrown terrorist threat and countering online messaging, countering terrorism and lessons learned, counter-terrorism strategy, border security and future CT cooperation.


Australien, April 27, 2017