Reporting on Belarus

KAS Belarus presents Belarus news on Twitter

In its Twitter account KAS Belarus presents up-to-date information on political developments in Belarus. more…

KAS Belarus in Social Media

Information on Belarus in a KAS Belarus Youtube Channel

The Belarus office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation offers information on Belarus in its Youtube Channel. There we present mostly own content productions. more…

Weekly analysis on Belarus

KAS Belarus reports about political developments via Facebook

With the series "Belarus This Week", Belarus Country Office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation is presenting weekly video analyses of the developments in the EU neighbour state. The analyses in English and German are to be found on Facebook. more…



Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German political foundation. On the national and international level, we employ political education to promote democracy, peace, freedom, and justice. Since April 2007 the KAS Country Office for Belarus works in Vilnius, Lithuania. On this page you will find further information on our work.



Mar. 9

Opportunity for Societal Transformation through Education: The Case of Belarus

International Conference Dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the European Humanities University in Vilnius

Mar. 23 - May 5

My image of Europe

Seminar on the current challenges of Europe

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Previous events

Feb. 11

Fully booked


One Year of Minsk-II Accords

Achievements, Challenges and Lessons Learned

Jan. 6 - 10

Fully booked


Winter Media Workshop 2016

Shaping Belarus: with Civil Responsibility towards the Democratic Self-Governance


First Winter Media Workshop For Belarusian Young Professionals

On January 6 - 10, the first Winter Media Workshop for Belarusian young professionals was held in Vilnius. To this end, the Belarus Country Office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation has invited outstanding graduates of previous [...] more…

Belarus 2015 Chronicle of Konrad Adenauer Foundation

A selection of the most important political developments in Belarus 2015

In its 'Belarus 2015 Chronicle' Konrad Adenauer Foundation Belarus office recalls the political developments of 2015 and provides links to the sources of the news. more…

Political Fall Academy 2015

25 Years of Reunification - The German Transition in the Eyes of Belarusians

From September 6th to 10th the Political Fall Academy 2015 took place in the capital of Germany, Berlin. This event was organized by the "Europäische Humanistische Universität – Förderinitiative e. V.", a nonprofit association [...] more…

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