Belarusian economy and regional context

International Conference

September 15 Friday


September 15 - 17, 2017





For the second time KAS Belarus and the European Research Association Oikonomos are organizing an international conference on economic development in Belarus and the neighboring region in the light of the concept of the social market economy.

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On 15-17 September, the conference will gather experts from Belarus, other Eastern Partnership countries and Russia in Warsaw.

This year the conference will take place again within a framework of the International Congress of Belarusian Studies, which, along with economy covers more than a dozen other topics. The congress framework allows a broader and more intense exchange of views not only between participants of KAS Economic Conference, but also of the other Congress topic sections. Already last year, the economic section organized by the KAS Belarus and Oikonomos on the subject of "Contemporary Belarusian Economy: Transformation Problems" has enjoyed an increased attention from other congress participants.

This year the conference wants to look at the Belarusian economy against the background of the processes that are taking place in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and in Russia.

Insights into the economic situation in the region will be shared by speakers from Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia.

The international conference will contribute to the establishment and strengthening of the reform-oriented networks in the region.

Opening of the VIth Congress of Belarus Studies in Kaunas, 2016

Opening of the VIth Congress of Belarus Studies in Kaunas in 2016.

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