I am an entrepreneur!

A master class for those who are ready to take over responsibility

February 25 Sunday


February 25, 2018, 12:00 - 17:00


IBB, Prospekt Gasety Pravda 11, Minsk


Business-trainer Yury Chertkov, Startupper Elena Simonchuk, Dr. Wolfgang Sender



On February 25, 2018 Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Belarus invites representatives from civil society in Belarus to a master class devoted to different aspects of getting engaged in business.

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Current civil society in Belarus is confronted with economic challenges. Largely excluded from reliable funds individuals and initiatives often are confronted with the need to find additional incomes.

The master class organized by KAS Belarus aims at contributing to the growth of entrepreneurship spirit amongst the civil society in Belarus and hereby supports the development of small and medium enterprises as a basis of a stable economy and society.
Thematic focus of the master class

  • Search for a suitable business idea,
  • Search for ideas and the right mindset,
  • Probability management,
  • Rules of successful calculation,
  • Base of entrepreneurial thinking,
  • Main problems of people and what prevents us from becoming an entrepreneur,
  • Business models, franchises,
  • Direct marketing,
  • Laying a foundation, the proper design of the business,
  • Checking the strength of the business model,
  • Life at high speeds,
  • Learning from the mistakes of intelligent people,
  • Work with fears,
  • Importance of emotional intelligence,
  • Differences between work and labour,
  • Concepts: mission, leadership,
  • Product with added value, the importance of the ability to sell,
  • Main qualities of a successful entrepreneur,
  • "Homework", or what you need to do before you decide on your own business.

This seminar aims at participants who are ...

  • ripe to replace the philosophy of protectability with the philosophy of freedom,
  • able to work for themselves for some time, without receiving a salary,
  • able to act even in cases of difficulties,
  • able to concentrate on enabling opportunities, not on available resources,
  • able to influence other people,
  • able to change and to adapt,
  • willing to learn throughout life,
  • have the courage to take over responsibility.

The master class will be conducted by business-trainer Yury Chertkov. He has his own experience in management and sales, heads its own company since 2009 and was trained in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. Yury Chertkov is author of six books on business in contemporary markets.

During the master class you will also get the chance to learn about the everyday life of young entrepreneurs in Belarus straight from the source - startupper Elena Simonchuk.

The master class will be in Russian language only!

Registration: Please register for participation until February 21, 2018

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