First Winter Media Workshop For Belarusian Young Professionals

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On January 6 - 10, the first Winter Media Workshop for Belarusian young professionals was held in Vilnius. To this end, the Belarus Country Office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation has invited outstanding graduates of previous seminars as well new promising applicants who are, for their current and future work and volunteering activities, in need of experience in communicating with media and expressing themselves in public.

13 participants of the workshop were trained, among other things, in preparing the content of statements, in camera appearance as well as in the field of media communication. Within a couple of days, young Belarusians have professionalized themselves in regard to the use of voice as well as strategies and techniques of speaking in the situations of interviews and press conferences.

In contrast to many common media trainings, Belarus Country Office of KAS has developed this seminar with a clear thematic focus: The camera appearances by the participants were shaped not on basis of some sample topics, but inspired by real problematics of civil society in Belarus. The positions reflecting the personal experience and opinions were prepared in advance of the seminar and have been further developed in the consultations by the trainers. Moreover, through discussions with the experienced and charismatic personalities from the political and non-governmental sector from Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine, the participants have got familiar with new perspectives and opinions. Following these meetings, the conclusions about the dynamics of civil society in Belarus were drawn and discussed by the participants themselves. During the workshop, over 20 videos have been produced, in which the participants have expressed, among other things, their thoughts on the activation of Belarusian civil society as well as on specific policy field issues. One by one, these videos are being made open to public on the Youtube channel of the KAS Belarus. The KAS Belarus intends to further strengthen its focus on content-oriented media training courses for the civil activists and thus to provide further impetus for civically responsible initiatives in Belarus.


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Lithuania, January 29, 2016


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