Imagine Belarus: YOUth Time To Go Beyond Stereotypes

Workshop for young Belarusians

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On 10-15 July in Klaipeda (Lithuania), Belarus Country Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with educational portal Adukacyja.Info (Belarus), organized an Educational Summer School for young Belarusians.

Cover: Imagine Belarus: YOUth Time To Go Beyond Stereotypes

    The KAS Summer School “Imagine Belarus: YOUth Time To Go Beyond Stereotypes” aimed to gather proactive young Belarusians who are (or shortly will become) informal ambassadors of Belarus, in order to reflect on how Belarus is perceived in other European countries, evaluate the impact of different discourses and discuss the best practices of presenting country abroad.

    During the intensive five days, participants shared their views on the most common stereotypes about Belarus, together with public relations, branding and development consultant Darius Udrys discussed the methods of creating a positive image of a country and practiced to create a city branding in smaller groups.

    As an outcome of the workshop, participants of the Summer School prepared an infopack for Belarusians who plan to travel abroad, also produced a video material, which will be published on shortly.


    Dr. Wolfgang Sender, Laura Tatarėlytė

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    Lithuania, July 18, 2017


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