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KAS-Martens Centre Discussion Club

New workshop series for Belarusians

In 2016 the Belarus Country Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (Brussels), is starting a new workshop series: the “KAS-Martens Centre Discussion Club”. The aim of this initiative is to set up a non-partisan learning, professionalisation, discussion and exchange of ideas club for high-qualified Belarusian students and young professionals. more…

Event Reports | February 24, 2016

First Winter Media Workshop For Belarusian Young Professionals

On January 6 - 10, the first Winter Media Workshop for Belarusian young professionals was held in Vilnius. To this end, the Belarus Country Office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation has invited outstanding graduates of previous seminars as well new promising applicants who are, for their current and future work and volunteering activities, in need of experience in communicating with media and expressing themselves in public. more…

Dr. Wolfgang Sender | Event Reports | January 29, 2016

Belarus 2015 Chronicle of Konrad Adenauer Foundation

A selection of the most important political developments in Belarus 2015

In its 'Belarus 2015 Chronicle' Konrad Adenauer Foundation Belarus office recalls the political developments of 2015 and provides links to the sources of the news. more…

Dr. Wolfgang Sender | January 18, 2016

OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy

The third issue of the journal has been published

In December 2015 the 3d issue of 'OIKONOMOS: Journal' came out. The Journal of Social Market Economy is supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Belarus. more…

December 29, 2015

Alexander Lukashenko re-elected with a record result

Belarus without a real choice

Belarusians were asked to cast their votes in the presidential elections until Sunday, October 11th 2015. However, they didn’t have a real choice in both senses of the word: On the one hand, many Belarusians didn’t see a genuine alternative to president incumbent Alexander Lukashenko with respect to the current situation in the country. On the other hand, the electoral process deserved being deemed “elections“ with great reservations, at best. more…

Dr. Wolfgang Sender | Country Reports | October 12, 2015