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December 12, 2013

Brazil Emerging in the Global Security Order

Is available for free download the publication International Security - Brazil in the Emerging Global Security Order. more…

November 29, 2013

X Conference of Forte de Copacabana International Security

Brazil and its role within the international security order is the main topic of the X edition of the Conference. Also find the latest publication of the series now online. more…

November 22, 2013

X Conference of Forte de Copacabana International Security

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI), with the support of the Delegation of the EU in Brazil, invite you to the X International Security Conference of Forte de Copacabana. more…

November 8, 2013
Democracia Virtual.

Virtual Democracy – Edition: Belém do Pará

On November 6th the Konrad Adenauer Foundation hosted a workshop about Virtual Democracy at the Hilton Hotel in Belém-PA. Topic of the discussion was how the internet affects almost all areas of human conduct. Soon there will be more information on our website.

October 22, 2013

KAS at the Semana Carioca

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is having a booth at the regional event of the German Year in Brazil, the Semana Carioca. Visit us at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio until Wednesday. more…

October 16, 2013

Virtual Democracy - In cooperation with IBMEC

The internet already affects almost all areas of human conduct. We want to discuss how the Internet and social media give rise to social and political changes and influenced the global wave of protests and revolutions. more…

October 4, 2013


As the global financial crisis transformed into a European sovereign debt crisis in late 2009, Greece has been dragged into the heart of an economic and political maelstrom that has questioned at times the very viability of the European project. more…

September 27, 2013

The European External Action Services

There is no doubt that the process of European integration is the result of confidence and the daily efforts of thousands of European citizens. It is certain that in more than 50 years of existence in peace and prosperity the EU achieved an effort that was acknowledged with the Nobel Peace Price. more…

September 19, 2013


The Crisis in Europe: A Catalyst for Change?

Europe is in deep crisis: the statement now sounds like a commonplace observation. It is the worst economic crisis for decades, with no end in sight as yet. It will shape Europe and European integration for years to come, but it also risks leading Europe down the road to disintegration. more…

September 10, 2013


Too Big To Fail?

First highly praised, then almost derided. The coverage of the Brazilian economy changed within a few months from one extreme to another. What does the country actually stand for, and what role will it play in the future political economic order? more…