Social Justice and Equality of opportunities

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Promotion of the social market economy

We encourage reflections about social market economy because we believe that this economic model combines an efficient market with social equality.

  • Context: The Brazilian emerging market has gone through significant economic development over the past years but social inequality and corruption are still very important issues. The economic model of a social market economy combines an efficient market with social equality and hence allows for sustainable and fair social and economic development.
  • Our activities: Primarily, we organise education and discussions at events in cooperation with colleges in order to introduce the alternative model of social market economy. In addition, we study and discuss specific political issues such as to what extent should the state intervene in order to ensure social equality as well as efficiency.
Ehemaliger Bundesminister für Wirtschaft Ludwig Erhard, einer der Gründerväter der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft, im Gespräch mit Konrad Adenauer

Former Federal Minister of Economics, Ludwig Erhard, one of the founding fathers of social market economy, in conversation with Konrad Adenauer

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