Decentralisation and Sustainability

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Further education of local administration officers

We provide further education to local administration officers because good political actions come about by being close to the people in the communities.

  • Context: Despite having a crucial impact on the daily lives of the people, the staff of local administrations have very limited technical education in Brazil. Further education of local administration officers strengthens the decentralisation process and, in the long run, trust in Brazilian democracy.
  • Our activities: We are offering traineeships to staff of Brazilian communities in the areas of responsible administration and regional as well as the international cooperation. Furthermore, we organise seminars to foster political junior employees and the civil interest in local and national politics.
  • Our partner: The “Oficina Municipal”, a KAS organisation partner since its foundation in 2000, is a local institution for the education of adult citizens and for the technical qualification of public employees.

Support for cities in their fight against climate change

We foster the exchange of information between cities because this is crucial for the prevention of and adaption to climate change in a sustainable matter.

  • Context: The Brazilian population lives mostly in cities heavily affected by climate change. Hence, cities have an active role in the prevention of and adaption to these changes. The exchange of experiences through projects of environmental management supports the development of innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Our activities: We support the exchange of experiences in environmental policies between cities at regular regional meetings which address specific environmental regional problems and further this process by means of national meetings.
  • Our partner: CB27 is the forum of the 27 environmental department heads of the 26 states and the Federal District.
Der Leiter der „Oficina Municipal” Dr. José Mario Brasiliense empfängt Politikerinnen und Politiker

Director of the „Oficina Municipal” Dr. José Mario Brasiliense receives politicians

Eine Fortbildung in der „Oficina Municipal”

Training in the „Oficina Municipal”

15. Regionaltreffen des Dialogsforums CB27 in Rio Branco, Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Acre

15. Regional Meeting of the dialogue Forum CB27 in Rio Branco, capital of federal state Acre

Umweltdezernentinnen und -dezernenten während eines Dialogprogramms der KAS in Deutschland

Environmental coordinators during a dialouge forum of KAS in Germany

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