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Forum attracts more than 350 participants

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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung conducted, jointly with the European Delegation in Brazil, the Parliamentary Group Brazil – European Union within the European Parliament and the University of Brasília the XXII Forum Brazil – Europe. For the very first time, more than 350 participants were welcomed by the organizers in the Brazilian Congress. The forum held the title “Brazil and Europe – Partners on the global stage”.

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XXII Forum Brazil-Europe: The Opening of the Conference

XXII Forum Brazil-Europe: The opening of the conference

17th of March was all about Euro-Brazilian relations. Ana Paula Zacarias, Ambassador of the European Union in Brazil and Eduardo Barbosa, Head of the Parliamentary Group Brazil-Europe in the Brazilian Congress were amongst the opening panelists as were the MEPs, Paulo Rangel (Head of the Delegation for External Relations to Brazil within the EP) and Francisco Assis (Head of the Delegation for External Relations to the MERCOSUL countries within the EP). Four panels treated of the current status of Brazilian-European relations in a political sphere and in an economic context. As always, the audience was invited to actively contribute to the lively discussions with comments and questions. Topics debated included International Relations, Economics and Environment as well as Science and Education and Euro-Brazilian cooperation in Cyberspace and Virtual Democracy.

Our Forum Brazil – Europe is a vital gathering for political decision-makers to share thoughts and share new ideas. In its 22nd edition, it drew a large crowd of the interested public, amongst diplomats and various parliamentarians. Euro-Brazilian relations accelerate faster than ever in all relevant spheres – politically, economically and on the civic level. Both entities share common core values and beliefs, meanwhile they are facing the same arising global challenges which may only be responded to through constant dialogue and exchange. Our Forum Brazil – Europe gives hence room for the creation of new ideas and is the place to intensify Euro-Brazilian relations.

Subsequent to the gathering the fourth Edition of the series “Brazil – Europe”, published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung was officially launched.


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Brazil, March 17, 2015

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