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Brazil, perpetuum immobile

A pallid interim president cannot lead his country out of crisis, as the olympics discloses to international onlookers

Shortly before the opening of the Summer Olympics, half of Brazil’s population are critical of the Games and almost two-thirds believe that the Games will bring more problems than positive outcomes for the country. This is hardly surprising in a country that is being rocked by a massive economic and political crisis. The interim president Michel Temer (PMDB) lacks the stamina to see through urgently needed structural reforms in the political arena. Nor does he personify the political renewal that would be necessary to overcome the crisis of confidence. more…

Dr. Jan Woischnik, Alexandra Paulus | Country Reports | August 1, 2016

Beyond the Nation State - Which Role plays Regional Security Cooperation in the Face of Increasing Threats?

II. European-South American Regional Security Symposium

Although the security threats the Union of South American Nations and the European Union face differ, they coincide in that they call for a response beyond the nation state. Policymakers, diplomats, academics and members of the armed forces discussed to which extent regional security coordination can address these challenges, addressing also maritime security and intelligence sharing. more…

Gregory Ryan, Alexandra Paulus, Anisha Schwille | Event Reports | May 13, 2016

State Crisis Instead of Final Sprint

In the next 100 days, 10 issues shall decide whether the Olympics shall become a success or not in crisis-struck Brazil

100 Days prior to their Opening Ceremony, Brazil has practically forgotten this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics. Instead the country is involved in a deep economic and political crisis. The latter is no longer limited only to the impeachment of Pres. Dilma Rousseff, but also casts doubts on the problem-solving skills of the Brazilian Administration as a whole. Whether the Olympics are going to be a success notwithstanding, shall essentially depend on 10 issues. more…

Dr. Jan Woischnik, Alexandra Paulus | Country Reports | April 27, 2016

Mass Protests and Political Gridlock

Brazil amid a corruption scandal, economic crisis and the president's imminent impeachment

Barely five months prior to the beginning of this year’s Summer Olympic Games, Brazil is setting up negative records: Amid a historical economic crisis, the disclosure of the largest corruption network of the country’s history has reached a new acme through the accusations against former president Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva. In the meantime, President Dilma Rousseff stands on the eve of a definitive rupture with her most important coalition partner and fears for her presidency in view of a running impeachment process. Now, mil-lions of protesters are calling for her im-mediate resignation. more…

Dr. Jan Woischnik, Alexandra Paulus | Country Reports | March 17, 2016

New configurations of the international order - values, principles, alliances and alignments

The topic was the order in the international sphere. The concrete questions: Upon which values, principles and standards is the current order built? What role do formal and informal alliances play in world politics? Which states belong to which groups of states? What kinds of reforms are necessary to guarantee stability, peace and common prosperity? more…

Gregory Ryan | Event Reports | February 25, 2016