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New configurations of the international order - values, principles, alliances and alignments

The topic was the order in the international sphere. The concrete questions: Upon which values, principles and standards is the current order built? What role do formal and informal alliances play in world politics? Which states belong to which groups of states? What kinds of reforms are necessary to guarantee stability, peace and common prosperity? more…

Gregory Ryan | Event Reports | February 25, 2016


The purpose of this event was to discuss the subject of cyberspace in the context of human rights. As we are witnessing an increase in standards and laws governing the virtual space, we must consider, what should this emerging organizational structure look like, and what role should states and individuals play in its formation? These issues were to be discussed against the backdrop of the UN Forum on Internet Governance (UN IGF). more…

Gregory Ryan | Event Reports | February 25, 2016

CB27 and the seminar Resilient Cities: Community and Climate

The 13th CB27 Regional Meeting took place during the First Seminar Resilient Cities: Community and Climate, organized by the Secretary of the Environment of Curitiba more…

Marina Caetano | Event Reports | October 23, 2015

XII Forte de Copacabana International Security Conference

World Politics of Security

The twelfth edition of Latin America's biggest security conference took place in Rio de Janeiro on the 8th of October. Together with the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) and the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation welcomed well over 500 participants – counting livestream viewers -, including many representatives of the diplomatic corps as well as numerous international experts from the political, military and scientific fields. more…

Gregory Ryan | Event Reports | October 8, 2015

IBSA and the Politics of the World Order

IBSA – India, Brazil and South Africa

On October 2nd 2015, the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung) set up a Seminar of the Experts for addressing the Theme “IBSA and the Politics of the World Order“, which took place at the BRICS’s Policy Centre in Rio de Janeiro. The private event brought together invitees including Scholars of the Foundation, University Professors and Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, for the exchange of confidential viewpoints between experts on economy, politics and civil society to address the future of emerging nations and to render possible their leadership aspirations. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | October 2, 2015