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Regional meeting of the CB27 in Macapá

Environmental secretaries met once again to discuss the most pressing environmental issues. This time the meeting took place in the northern region in order to discuss the specific case of the Amazon region. more…

Marina Caetano, Elisa Calzolari | Event Reports | August 28, 2015

KAS Brazil meets ODCA President

ODCA-President Jorge Ocejo in Brazil

Between the 26th and 28th August 2015, the President of the Association of Christian Democratic Parties of Latin America (ODCA), Mexican PAN politician Jorge Ocejo, came to Brazil to attend political talks in São Paulo. He was accompanied during his stay by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung trainee Christian Matthäus highlighting the alliance between ODCA and KAS. more…

Event Reports | August 27, 2015

Virtual Democracy - "Implications for International Relations"

Manaus Edition

After the previous editions on the social and economic impact of virtual democracy, the third edition of the seminar series "Virtual Democracy", held in the city of Manaus, focusses on the changes the digital world has caused in the field of International Relations. Manaus' prestigious UNINORTE University hosted intensive discussions with renowned Brazilian experts on international interdependence. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | August 11, 2015

The Brazilian reaction to the Greek Crisis

The Greek Crisis is featured in Brazilian media, but the content is rarely discussed and analysed in depth. In 2015, Brazil looks increasingly inwards. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | July 28, 2015

Latin American Perception and Placement

Pope Francis’ Environmental Encyclical

The publication of the Papal Encyclical on the Environment constitutes a new dimension in the global climate process constitutes a new level of environmental awareness raising, with the Catholic Church taking a clear stand on global climate policy. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | July 17, 2015