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Latin American Perception and Placement

Pope Francis’ Environmental Encyclical

The publication of the Papal Encyclical on the Environment constitutes a new dimension in the global climate process constitutes a new level of environmental awareness raising, with the Catholic Church taking a clear stand on global climate policy. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | July 17, 2015

Brazil and its neighbours

Brazil in Latin America

The series “Brazil and its neighbours” will focus upon Brazil's bilateral relations with Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | July 17, 2015

IV. Grêmio International Simulation SISV

The São Vicente secondary school of Rio de Janeiro debates global politics

Christian Matthäus, political adviser to KAS Brazil, launched the fourth edition of the Grêmio International SISV simulation at Rio de Janeiro's famous São Vicente secondary school with a speech about European democratic values, the purpose of the European Union (EU) and the repercussions of the Greek 'No' in the referendum regarding the EU creditor-countries' proposals. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | July 6, 2015

KAS Brazil honoured with the Ruth Cardoso-Medal

KAS Brazil awarded honorary title

Felix Dane, Head of KAS Brazil, accepted, on behalf of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the highest award bestowed by the Women's Association "PSDB Mulher", during a lively ceremony in Brasília. “PSDB Mulher” is a division of the PSDB party, political partner to the German CDU, KAS' political base. KAS Brazil was honoured for its commitment to the promotion of women's participation politics in Brazil. Aécio Neves, PSDB party chairman, as well as Solange Jurema, chairman of the “PSDB Mulher”, expressed thoughts of gratitude towards both Felix Dane and KAS Brazil as a whole. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | July 4, 2015

KAS Brazil in the Amazon

KAS project partner PSA (Projeto Saúde e Alegria) celebrates the installation of an additional water cistern

Christian Matthäus, KAS Brazil Trainee, visited the KAS project partner PSA (the Health and Happiness Project) at its headquarters in Santarém in the state of Pará, in Northern Brazil. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | June 29, 2015