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Brazil in the World

Duties and Responsibilities

On the second of December, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) supported together with the Brazilian Center on Foreign Relations (CEBRI) as well as the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil (EU) the Brazilian Parliamentary Commission for External Relation, Defence and Intelligence (CREDN) and the Brasília based think tank InfoRel with a conference on the outlook on Brazilian foreign and security policy for 2015. more…

Event Reports | December 9, 2014

30st Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the European Union

On the 25th of November, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation participated in a commemoratory event celebrating the 30st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the European Union. The event was hosted in cooperation with the Brazilian National Congress and the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil and saw the participation numerous diplomatic and political representatives. Several speeches were given in reflection of the many years of partnership and cooperation. more…

Event Reports | December 8, 2014

Opening of SiONU 2014

KAS supports Brazil’s largest UN simulation

On 19 November 2014, the opening ceremony of Brazil's largest simulation of the United Nations took place in the historic Itamaraty Palace in Rio de Janeiro in the presence of UN representatives, the State of Rio de Janeiro and the city council. 500 students participated in this year's edition of SiONU. more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus | Event Reports | November 19, 2014

5th National Conference of CB27

The Brazilian capitals gathered for the fifth time to work on environmental politics in Belo Horizonte . more…

Event Reports | November 14, 2014

Brazil’s New Middle Class

Here to Stay?

More than ten years ago, one third of Brazil’s population lived below the national poverty line. Today, more than half of them belong to the middle class. Members of this group are trying to find their societal and political role. They are worried about how to secure their new modest wealth. What are the chances to consolidate and continue this success? more…

Friedrich Christian Matthäus, Kathrin Zeller | International Reports | October 29, 2014