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XIV International Security Conference “Forte de Copacabana” 2017

The European-Latin American Conference discusses current security issues

Main topics of the event were the new world order, cyber threats and international drug trafficking and organized crime more…

Diogo Winnikes | October 4, 2017

Between mobilization, freedom of speech and the spread of threats

Event “Virtual Democracy“ shows potentials and risks of the internet in a polarized society

The seminar “Virtual Democracy” was organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Brazil (KAS) in cooperation with its partners Instituto Igarapé and Universidade Federal de Paraíba (UFPB) in João Pessoa on October 24th and 25th. It focused on the discrepancy between the mobilization potential and the possible threats of the internet. On the one hand, the internet enables politically underrepresented groups to stimulate changes, on the other hand, mathematical algorithms have a polarizing effect on the opinion making process and can increase the problem of virtual discrimination. more…

Aline Bruno Soares, Valerie Gruber | October 31, 2016

Europe and Brazil between international law and the law of the strongest- on its way to becoming “smart powers”?

XIII International Security Conference “Forte de Copacabana” brings together decision makers in politics of security

Rio de Janeiro in the focus of international politics of security: For the 13th time, the International Security Conference “Forte de Copacabana” gathered politicians, army officers, diplomats and academics from both Europe as well as Latin America together. Brazil’s minister of defence, Raul Jungmann, introduced the defence strategies of the new Brazilian government under president Temer, and the special envoy of the European Union for peace processes in Colombia, Eamon Gilmore, commented on the previously rejected peace agreement. more…

Alexandra Paulus | October 18, 2016

Beyond the Nation State - Which Role plays Regional Security Cooperation in the Face of Increasing Threats?

II. European-South American Regional Security Symposium

Although the security threats the Union of South American Nations and the European Union face differ, they coincide in that they call for a response beyond the nation state. Policymakers, diplomats, academics and members of the armed forces discussed to which extent regional security coordination can address these challenges, addressing also maritime security and intelligence sharing. more…

Gregory Ryan, Alexandra Paulus, Anisha Schwille | May 13, 2016

New configurations of the international order - values, principles, alliances and alignments

The topic was the order in the international sphere. The concrete questions: Upon which values, principles and standards is the current order built? What role do formal and informal alliances play in world politics? Which states belong to which groups of states? What kinds of reforms are necessary to guarantee stability, peace and common prosperity? more…

Gregory Ryan | February 25, 2016

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