International Security: World Politics of Security

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    1- The Importance of the Global Maritime Domain for World Politics and Security

    2- Euro-Atlantic Security in an Era of Self Defence

    3- Hot Spot East and South China Seas and the Importance of Crisis Management – A European Perspective

    4- The New Colour of War – Hybrid Warfare and Partnerships

    5- Values and Interests at the Heart of European Union Foreign Policy

    6- The Impact of the Risk Perception Society on Sovereignty, Security and Development in the Global South

    7- The Geopolitics of Future Wars

    8- States in a Changing Global Order: Where does Africa fit

    9- A Stake in the System: the Evolution of Criminal Links to Politics, and how they can be mitigated

    10- World Politics of Security: Global Cooperation facing the Predominance of Geopolitics

    11- European Natural Gas Security Challenges in the Wake of the Ukraine/Russia Crisis

    12- Security, Trust, and the NATO Alliance: European Security and the Question of Reassurance

    13- Brazilian International Perspectives and the Fate of Security Relations with the European Union: a brief Assessment

    14- National Laws and the Internet: The Making and Implications of Brazil’s Marco Civil

    15- The Shifting Flows of Global Energy and Trade: Implications for Latin America

    16- Reflections on the values of the International System of the 21st Century, and Brazil

    17- Our Daily Bread: Brazil and the European Union in the Struggle for Food Security

    18- Drug-trafficking and Security in Contemporary Brazil

    19- Peace Process in Colombia: Implications for internal and regional Security

    20- Nuclear Disarmament and Proliferation: Can we get the genie back into the bottle?

    21- Future Prospects for EU–Brazil Defence Cooperation

    22- Elements of a democratically-based anti-authoritarian Foreign Policy

    23- The Capa Method for Conflict Assessment and Policy Analysis for the Security and Defense Sectors

    24- NGOs as norm dealers: Norm-Diffusion in Conflict- Management using the example of the ICRC

    25- The International System, Sovereignty, Territory and the Nation State: a Brazilian Perspective

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