Consequences of de-Christianization for European Society

October 25 Thursday


October 25, 2012, 6.30 p.m.


University of Luxembourg, Auditoire 003, 162a, avenue de la Faiencerie, 1511 Luxembourg


Dr. Andreas Püttmann, Prof. Dr. Rik Torfs, Prof. Dr. Josef Thesing, Dr. habil. Philippe Poirier



H.E. Archbishop Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Hollerich will hold the opening speech and introduce the panel discussion. A reception will follow afterwards.

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Europe’s founding fathers such as Robert Schuman, Alcide de Gasperi or Konrad Adenauer did understand Europe not only as an Economic Union alone, but as a community of Christian values, as well. As a consequence of de-Christianization in our society over the last decades, this value-sharing community shrinks. This development means a challenge to decision making actors in the various European societies as they exist today: how can those political parties that are based on Christian-democratic values, react? What does this change mean for enterprises and the social -and welfare state? How does the Church see its role in a society that lives more and more without God? How can Christian values remain to be relevant despite losing its connection to the church as an organisation as such?

We are honoured to discuss those and other questions with following speakers:

Dr. Andreas Püttmann, journalist, author of the book: Gesellschaft ohne Gott – Risiken und Nebenwirkungen der Entchristlichung Deutschlands
Prof. Dr. Rik Torfs, Prof. for canon law, KU Leuven, Member of the Belgian Senate, CD&V
Prof. Dr. Josef Thesing, former deputy secretary general of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Dr. habil. Philippe Poirier, University of Luxembourg

Working languages are German and French. Simultaneous translation German-French will be provided.

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