Different, but not wrong

The political culture in Saxony in the Central European context

November 27 Monday

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November 27, 2017, 19.00 - 22.00


Europabüro der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 11, Avenue de l’Yser, Brussels, Belgium


Dr. Matthias Rößler (Parliamentary President of Saxony)



The shared intense experience of oppression and self-liberation links the Central European countries as well as similar social disruptions that date back to the period of socio-economic transformation after 1990.

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These experiences and ruptures have formed their own political culture in Central Europe, and thus also in Saxony, which differs significantly from Western Europe. In addition to the historical distortions that still dominate politics in these countries, we also find strong cultural and social differences influence social interaction and increasingly affect the political processes of the European Union. The specific political culture in Saxony, which has been the focus of public attention far beyond the boundaries of the region since the election to the Bundestag at the latest, can only be explained and understood in this context.


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