European Policy Summit

Western Balkans at a Crossroad – New Challenges, Changing Dynamics

December 5 Tuesday


December 5, 2017, 08.00 - 13.30


Cercle Royal Gaulois, Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels



The annual summit brings together political, economic and societal representatives from the Western Balkan and offers a platform for exchange on current challenges and achievements for the region.

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The summit comprises three different sessions, each one based on a panel discussion. First, “Peace, Democracy and Reconciliation” in the region are being discussed. How can the region cope with rising nationalistic tendencies and how can the EU promote peace and democratization as part of a future enlargement process? The second panel makes business and economic developments a subject of discussion, by taking a look at growth and employment in the region. Third, the speakers on the panel will address the interconnectivity of local and regional structures. How can cooperation within the region be strengthened and what role do local authorities play in the EU’s enlargement process?

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