Continuity and Reliability in uncertain times

14. Deutsch-Niederländisch-Belgisches Treffen zu europäischen Fragen am 9. und 10. Juni 2017 in St. Gerlach

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The European Union is currently facing many internal as well as external challenges. These range from the beginning Brexit negotiations on the ongoing economic and financial crisis in the Eurozone up to the increased danger of terror. In addition, the year 2017 is dominated by elections in many EU Member States, where the established parties are increasingly competing with populist trends.

In times of political change and the growing complexity of political issues, it is important to go straight back to established formats across borders and cultivate the trusting exchange of ideas and ideas. Against this backdrop, the European Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation invited on 9 and 10 June 2017 to this year's German-Dutch-Belgian meeting on European questions to St. Gerlach, which is located near Maastricht. In addition to a few ministers, many members of the European Parliament, national and regional parliaments, senators, as well as members of parliament and parliamentary groups were welcomed. In a total of four working sessions, the participants are mainly concerned with the current political situation in the three countries, with questions of security and integration and with the future of the economic and monetary union.


Lucas Schramm

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Brüssel, June 16, 2017

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