Helmut Kohl, former Federal Chancellor and Honorary Citizen of Europe

His work and legacy for a united Europe

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In cooperation with the Representation of the State Hessen tothe European Union, the European Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) organized a discussion on "Helmut Kohl, former German Chancellor and honorary citizens of the EU - his work and his legacy for the united Europe". As honorary guest and long-time companion, Dr. Theo Waigel, former Minister of Finance, gave an impulse.

Under the moderation of the long-standing Brussels Correspondent Udo van Kampen, Elmar Brok, Member of the European Parliament, Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess, legal adviser at the European Center for Political Strategy of the European Commission, and Réka Salamon, former chairman of AEGEE Europe, discussed on the remaining legacy of Kohl for the future of the European Union. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger regained the old Chancellor at the end of the event.


Dr. Hardy Ostry, Johanna Fleger

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Brüssel, October 13, 2017

Dr. Theo Waigel, former German Minister of Finance (1989-1998)

Dr. Theo Waigel, former German Minister of Finance (1989-1998)


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