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EU and the Western Balkans

Addressing together challenges and using opportunities

More than 14 years after the Thessaloniki Agenda in which European heads of state and government stated that the future of the Balkans is within the European Union, most of the countries of south-eastern Europe find themselves in an increasingly uncertain situation: Progress in good governance and the rule of law has been deficient; economic development is uneven; ethnic tensions are growing. more…

Lucas Schramm | Event Reports | June 13, 2017

NATO and the future of European security and defense policy

Panel Discussion on recent NATO summit

NATO as well as the European Union currently is facing various challenges and threats. Some of them are different, as these two organisations are different bodies with different aims. more…

Lucas Schramm | Event Reports | June 12, 2017

Von der Montanunion zur Industrie 4.0

Perspektiven europäischer Wirtschaftspolitik

More than 70 years ago, the European integration process began with a revolutionary idea: the coalition of the coal and steel industry within the framework of the Montanunion. Although this step has been primarily aimed at political objectives, it also provides the backdrop for an in depth economic cooperation in Europe. more…

Lucas Schramm | Event Reports | June 8, 2017

The Belgian Federalism

A model with future?

Belgium in general, is considered to be difficult to govern. For many observers, the kingdom is de facto divided into the Dutch-speaking, economically strong Flanders in the north and the French-speaking, economically rather weak Wallonia in the south. In addition, there is a small German-speaking minority in the east of the country. more…

Dr. Hardy Ostry, Oliver Morwinsky, Lucas Schramm | Country Reports | June 1, 2017

White Paper, Rome-Declaration and the future perspective of the EU

Professor Dr. Calliess analyses and gives us a possible outlook on the future of the European Union. more…

Event Reports | May 15, 2017