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Referendum in the Netherlands

On 6 April the Netherlands will be holding a referendum on the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine. The latest polls are showing a small lead for the opponents of the Agreement, but many voters remain undecided. While opponents of the Agreement are driven by Euroscepticism and political disaffection, many observers are warning that the referendum could send a negative political signal on the European Union and Ukraine's European path. more…

Oliver Morwinsky, Moritz Junginger | Country Reports | April 1, 2016

Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine

Press Conference

“Are you for or against the Approval Act of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine?” more…

Event Reports | March 24, 2016

The Digital Transformation of Transatlantic Trade

KAS-Google-Workshop on 9 December 2015

In early December, trade experts met at the European Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Brussels in order to discuss the most relevant developments in transatlantic data exchange and recent developments in the new digital economy. more…

Kai Zenner | Event Reports | January 7, 2016

The EU’s domestic and international challenges

An International Brainstorming Workshop With Experts On European Policy

This paper presents the main results of the discussions, which took place before the terrorist attacks in November 2015 in Paris and hence did not focus on security issues within the EU or counterterrorism. It also includes some options for European and national policymaking in the next months. more…

Stefan Beierl, Céline-Agathe Caro | Event Reports | December 21, 2015

Carbon Leakage: A serious threat or a loophole for industries?


Experts debated on one of the main points of contention in the political discussion about an EU ETS-reform: Carbon Leakage. Does it stand for a genuine threat for carbon- and trade-intensive sectors or is it overstated, permitting companies to escape constraints on greenhouse gas emissions? more…

Kai Zenner | Event Reports | July 10, 2015