20th anniversary of the Chinese-German Management Institute (CGMI) Xi'an

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On October 13th the Chinese-German Management Institute (CGMI) celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Northwest University Xi'an.

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Jubiläumsfeier Xi'An I

Dr. Peter Hefele, director of the KAS | Shanghai, speaks the welcome remarks.

In the 1980s the KAS started its first project activities in China. Besides promoting excellent Chinese students, the KAS also supported the development of the Chinese-German Management Institute (CGMI) at the Northwest University in Xi'an.

October 2012 is the 20th anniversary of the Institute’s founding – reason enough for a celebration and international workshop on the topic “China’s Western Development Policy - Opportunities for a Sustainable Growth Mode?”. CGMI alumni, local entrepreneurs and political representatives from Xi'an and the Shaanxi province were invited to the event on October 13th.

In his opening remarks Dr. Peter Hefele, director of the KAS Shanghai, pointed out the great significance of regulative policy thinking on the basis of the Social Market Economy for the worldwide activities of the KAS and for sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Gu Ying, vice director of the International Business School of the Northwest University and director of CGMI, gave an overview over 20 years of the dynamic history of the CGMI, its cooperation with the KAS and the development of China. Using Pictures and articles he depicted the huge development that China has experienced. Even today the KAS and CGMI cooperate closely and on this foundation the International Business School has been established. The International Business School plays an important role in terms of opening up the underdeveloped Northwest of China.

Prof. Dr. Li Kuiliu, first KAS scholarship holder and professor at the Beijing University of Foreign Languages, also emphasized the importance of international cooperation for the Chinese development. The KAS has made a major contribution with its activities in this process.

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