Innovation in Germany and China

Industry 4.0, E-Commerce und Social Entrepreneurship

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On May 8 2015 KAS Shanghai organized a half-day workshop on Innovation in Germany and China. participants were the awardees of the KAS-SUIBE Scholarship Program.

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KAS-SUIBE Stipendiaten diskutieren die Herausforderungen und Chancen der fortschreitenden Digitalisierung für die Industrie

KAS-SUIBE Scholarship awardees discuss challenges and opportunities for the industry facing an ongoing digitization

The first part of the workshop discussed major issues of an ongoing digitization of China's and Germany's economy. In his opening remarks, Dr. Peter Hefele, Head of KAS office Shanghai explained that with the concept Industry 4.0, Germany attempts to use the opportunities of a comprehensive data network to increase the competitiveness of the German economy.

Marco Gervasi, Managing Director of Red Synergy Shanghai und author of the book "East Commerce", introduced trends and developments in China's E-Commerce market. One phenomena is the rapid development towards integrated service platforms. The big Chinese players in the Chinese digital market, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are not only enhancing their fields of operation in the online-market but increasingly mesh with offline-services and production. This requires foreign competitors in the Chinese market to adapt to this trend. The behavior of consumers out of China still lags behind.

The second part of the workshop discussed "innovation" from the perspective and responsibility of entrepreneurship. Cecile Mazourine from Constellations International introduced the concept social entrepreneur. The driving idea behind it is to solve global and local social issues by entrepreneurial means. This can occur by different approaches, ranging from non-profit making to profit-making business models. Also Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- activities and crowd funding are part of it. Social Entrepreneurship is an upcoming trend throughout Asia and becomes popular in China among "escapists" and young entrepreneurs.

An impressive insight into the start-up scene was enabled by visiting a start-up incubator in Shanghai. Stone SHI, founder and CEO of the mobile Application "Bon App", an application to search for restaurants, introduced the development of his young company. In his point of view, the most important criteria for business management and a successful launch and development of a start-up company are: a vision in order to motivate the team and uphold their trust in difficult times. Furthermore, the team members should show a self-understanding as team, strongly identify themselves with the project and complement each other in terms of their personal skills.

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