Inter-party dialogue between the CPC and the CDU/CSU-parliamentary group

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At invitation of the international department of the central committee of the Communist Party of China (IDCPC) Members of the German Bundestag Manfred Grund, Andreas Lämmel, Thorsten Schweiger, Stefan Rouenhoff, Nikolas Löbel and Sepp Müller visited China from April 9th to April 13th to implement the inter-party dialogue between the CPC and the CDU/CSU-parliamentary group. The delegation visited Beijing, Anhui province and Shanghai.

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Inter-party dialogue between the CPC and the CDU/CSU-parliamentary group

After an introductory background discussion with the German ambassador to China Michael Clauß the delegation met numerous high-ranking representatives of the CPC and organizations subordinated or affiliated to it. During the discussion with Wang Hongyang from the central committee of the Communist Youth League of China the German delegation was informed about the structure and functioning of the 81 million member political youth organization and exchanged views on existing and planned formats in the field of youth exchanges.

During a round table discussion organized by the IDCPC and moderated by Wang Xueyong, deputy director general of the subdivision for Western Europe and the European Union of IDCPC, both parties discussed China’s development since the reform and opening-up policy was launched 40 years ago and hereby arising opportunities for German-Chinese cooperation. Manfred Grund, parliamentary manager of the CDU/CSU- parliamentary group and head of the German delegation, mentioned in his speech that both countries face common domestic and foreign policy challenges as for example demographic change, unequal development of urban and rural areas and opponents of globalization becoming stronger in various countries. However, according to Grund, developing solutions to these problems provides further opportunities for German-Chinese cooperation. In his subsequent speech Wang Xueyong emphasized the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative for China’s foreign policy and as a global cooperation platform. However, he also noted that not all countries share the same positive view on the initiative and further efforts are needed to correct misunderstandings and to further promote the so far very successful German-Chinese cooperation.

During the course of the journey the delegation visited several companies in Shanghai and Hefei, the capital Anhui province, for example the German Continental AG, as well as the Chinese University for Science and Technology and a project aiming at poverty eradication. The latter issue was also the focus of a discussion between representatives of the provincial government of Anhui and the delegation. The Chinese representatives emphasized that the business activities of German companies made a decisive contribution to create jobs and reduce poverty in the province.

The highlight of the visit was a discussion with the party secretary of the province Anhui Li Jinbin and other high-ranking representatives of the provincial party committee. During the meeting Manfred Grund emphasized that Germany and China are not only closely interlinked with each other on an economic level but also face common challenges such as terrorism, ageing society and a shortage of skilled employees that require a more intensive exchange between both countries. Furthermore, Li Jinbin expressed to be pleased with the close contact between both parties and the establishment of such dialogue formats as they contribute to strengthen the German-Chinese relations and to develop common solutions for domestic and foreign challenges.

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