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Theme: Climate Change, Energy Security, Biofuels, urbanism, renewable Energy


"The impact of Climate Change Law on the principle of State Sovereignty over natural resources"
by Dr. Sanita Wyk
The overarching objective of this book is to make a positive contribution to the global efforts to address the problem of climate change by considering the possible contribution of the international law principle of sovereignty over natural resources. The legal principle of sovereignty over natural resources is considered in this book as a means by which to address the lack of state compliance to climate commitments made in terms of the international legal climate change regime.

"Roadmap for sustainable biofuels in Southern Africa. Regulatory frameworks for improved development?"
edited by Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel and Dr. Holger Dix
Against the backdrop of the need for an increase in energy efficiency and a decrease in energy and resource utilisation, and for an economy that utilises fewer fossil raw materials and that relies more on renewable, environmentally friendly and natural resources, this publication gathers articles in the field of national and international policies and regulations concerning biofuels with a focus on southern Africa and makes a significant contribution with the intention to foster the dialogue on biofuels in southern Africa and beyond.

available in German: "Nachhaltige Biokraftstoffe im südlichen Afrika"

"Perspectives on Energy Security and Renewable Energies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Practical Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges"
Edited by Oliver C. Ruppel and Bernd Althusmann

"Climate Change: International Law and Global Governance. Volume II: Policy, Diplomacy and Governance in a Changing Environment. Part I: Global Climate Governance - Developments and challenges"

1)Intersections of Law and Cooperative Global Climate Governance. Challenges in the Anthropocene by Oliver C. Ruppel

Further recommandations

available in German: Klimawandel und Energiesicherheit im Anthropozän. Afrika im Lichte des Pariser Klimaschutzabkommens