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State of Electricity Production and Distribution in Cameroon

A report by Durando Ndongsok and Oliver Ruppel

The report provides an insight into the State of Electricity Production and Distribution in Cameroon, the related challenges, the untapped potential and the legal framework. more…

Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel | Country Reports | December 6, 2017

UNEA 3 / Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum, United Nations

Gigiri Complex, Nairobi, Kenya, 27 – 28 November 2017

This event was jointly organized by UN Environment and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Climate Policy and Energy Security Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa. more…

Event Reports | November 30, 2017

KAS at United Nations Global Compact in New York

With a group of African delegates Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) discussed potential areas of cooperation in Africa and the most significant outcomes of COP23 in Bonn on the 22nd of November at the UN Global Compact Center. more…

Event Reports | November 23, 2017

After the UN Climate Change Conference COP23: Acting Globally and Locally

How we can prepare people severely affected by climate change

The Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 was groundbreaking. Almost all nations agreed on limiting global warming to well below two degrees. The following conferences in Morocco and Bonn aimed at the implementation of the agreement: A key question is, how severely affected people can adapt on climate change and how they can get fast and sustainable assistance. We discussed these issues with stakeholders and experts from Africa, Europe und Latin America. more…

November 20, 2017

2017 Advisory Committee Meeting of the Platform on Disaster Displacement, Geneva, Switzerland, 23-24 October 2017

The 2017 Advisory Committee Meeting of the Platform on Disaster Displacement (formerly Nansen Initiative) held at Chateau Bogis Bossey, Switzerland, 23-24 October 2017. more…

Event Reports | October 23, 2017