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Panafrican Parliamentary Roundtable on Climate Policy and Legislation

Panafrican Parliamentary Roundtable on Climate Policy and Legislation. 1-3 March 2017 Midrand, South Africa more…

Event Reports | March 1, 2017

Discussion forum with cameroonian Parliamentarians and Senators

Discussion forum on the implications of Paris Agreement of COP 21, the relevance of Climate Policies and perspectives for Cameroon in this context with Cameroonian Senators and Parliamentarians. more…

Event Reports | February 15, 2017

Working visit with cooperation perspectives in Bangangte, West of Cameroon

Cooperation perspectives in Bangangte, Meeting with Mayor and local authorities. more…

Event Reports | January 25, 2017

Discussion on cooperation programm with AfricAvenir

Discussion on cooperation programm and sociopolitical and environment relevant issues in Africa with Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III, founder of AfricAvenir, in Douala Cameroon more…

Event Reports | January 24, 2017

Global Emissions Reduction

Motivators, Obstacles and the Role of Germany

Results of a comparative survey of experts in China, India, Russia and the USA. The report shows that there are many differences between the four countries, but also some similarities. It particularly highlights the fact that preventing climate change is still not a major motivating factor when it comes to reducing emissions. more…

Jasper Eitze, Vedrana Lemor, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Frieß, Katja Kiefer | November 28, 2016