Community Level Civic Awareness and Sensitization Forums on County Governance Processes

40 Activities on the ground in the ten target Counties from August to November 2016

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Social accountability is the key strategy of the Partnership for Transformational Devolution project. The members of the Citizen Oversight Forums (COFs) are the key drivers of this strategy. The project adopted community scorecard (CSC) as the main social accountability tool. CSCs are targeted around specific services and so work best at a local level, where the ‘community’ and the service being evaluated can be fairly well defined. After an intensive training on the CSC methodology, the COFs identified two health facilities for each of the target Counties.

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Tana River 3

Tana River County

CSCs are community-level monitoring tool, where community members and service providers come together to provide feedback on service delivery. CSCs not only provide feedback on service quality but also include a dialogue process in which community members and service providers together discuss their impressions and work together to improve how services are delivered. Services and projects that might be included in this are local health centres, local schools, administrative units, or projects that have a specific target community. In case of the PTD project, the focus of the community level civic awareness and sensitization forums on County Governance Processes in 2016 lies on the field of health services.

Hitherto, key steps in the scorecard process including mobilizing and sensitizing the beneficiaries and duty bearers as well as conducting Focus Group Discussions with the two teams (beneficiaries and duty bearers) have been undertaken. Notably, the process has provided an opportunity for residents and users of the selected facilities to discuss with the management, service delivery gaps that they want addressed. In almost all cases, service users have complained about lack of drugs, unavailability of service providers due to staff shortages, negative attitudes of health workers and poor emergency and referral services. On their part, health workers have seized the opportunity to share their challenges with the community and educate them on health and hygienic practices. Importantly, the CSC process has been able to link facility level challenges with county planning and budgeting processes. Overall, the scorecard process has so far enabled duty bearers to appreciate the need for involving communities and to share information. Also important, community members now appreciate the challenges duty bearers face in their day to day work. This way, the CSC has enabled participatory planning and budgeting, helping to curb disputes and misunderstanding and promoting human rights based approach to health services delivery.

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Kenya, October 23, 2016

West Pokot

West Pokot County

Tana River 14th August 2016

Tana River County

19th July Kaunguni

Kaunguni Health Facility - one of the facilities that is assessed using the Scorecard Methodology

Tana River

Tana River County

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Tana River County