Devolution as a central pillar

PTD Meeting in Nairobi

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During a meeting in Nairobi the Partnership for Transformational Devolution (PTD) planned the activities for the forthcoming months and welcomed the new Program Director.

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KAS and its partners CEDGG, CJPC and MAPACA are defining project priorities for the forthcoming months

Last week KAS-led PTD consortium comprising of CEDGG, CJPC and MAPACA met in Nairobi. The aim was to discuss the current status of Devolution in the country as well as the project’s priorities for the forthcoming months. Since Kenya faces elections on August 8 at national and at county level all PTD-members were of the view that this would be a defining moment with regard to the future of Kenya in general and the devolution process in particular. Therefore, PTD project has taken appropriate measures to ensure free, fair, credible and peaceful elections. For example; supporting voter education. The activity intends to raise citizen awareness, electoral process especially the relationship between free and fair elections and implementation of Devolution. Once the elections takes place, the main task will be to deepen the relationship with existing stakeholders and to reach out to newly elected players at political level and to convince them of the importance of a transparent, effective and accountable devolved system of governance.

New Director for Devolution Program

During the one-day meeting Gregor Jaecke who led the project for two years handed over to his successor Thomas Tödtling who assumed the position of Project Director. This offered the opportunity to take stock of the achievements since the project`s inception in March 2015. ”I do strongly believe that Kenya is on the right track in implementing Devolution. Step by step Devolution will bring changes. It will make a difference. And I also realized during the time when I was in charge of this project that it already brought positive changes for the people of Kenya”, emphasized outgoing-Director Gregor Jaecke. During his remarks Thomas Tödtling thanked his predecessor for his service and called upon the partner organizations to continue the successful work with a strong team spirit: ”The Constitution of Kenya 2010 defines Devolution as one of the central pillars of the House of Kenya. We can contribute with our activities to the success of this ambitious process and make it a role model for other African countries. I am looking forward to working with you and to strengthen this pillar to the benefit of your great country. ”

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Kenya, June 14, 2017