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Breakfast Meeting with Senators and Members of Parliament

During the breakfast meeting on the 28th July 2016 at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, the 34 Participants discussed the current state of affairs of Devolution in Kenya. more…

Event Reports | July 28, 2016

Workshop: Technical support to and cooperation with County Budget & Economic Forum

March to June 2016 in selected target Counties

This workshop series was implemented in selected target counties, where where County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFs) have been established. The CBEF is the most concrete legally mandated (Public Finance Management/PFM Act 2012, section 137 (1)) form for Public Participation at County level. During this training, the COFs seek cooperation and offer technical support to the CBEFs. Hence the activity intends to facilitate working relations between COFs and CBEFs by creating synergies as well as establishing and using avenues of Public Participation jointly. more…

Event Reports | June 30, 2016

Annual Best Practice Conference in Mombasa

The best practices and lessons learnt conference in Mombasa on the 9th June 2016 was organized to assess the continued relevance of the PTD project and the progress made towards achieving its planned objectives. more…

Event Reports | June 9, 2016

KAS PTD Newsletter Edition No 1 - April 2016

To give an overview on the current progress of the project “Partnership for Transformational Devolution (PTD)”, KAS and the PTD-Team is distributing a newsletter on a regularly basis. The document includes background information on the process of devolution and pictures from the activities implemented in the ten target Counties. This is for now the premier edition of the newsletter, which will be published three times a year during the whole project period until the beginning of the year 2019. more…

May 26, 2016

Theatre plays with focus on issues concerning Devolution

Introductory workshop in Mombasa from 23rd to 25th May 2016

Theatre groups jointly received initial training on devolution, accountability of duty bearers and public participation through a theatre expert and developed a screenplay for an own theatre play to be staged on the ground in the ten target counties later on. more…

Event Reports | May 25, 2016