Final Workshop

NDCs: What is there for Latin America big cities?

During the fourth (and last) workshop of the series NDCs: What Is There for American Big Cities? experts from Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil debated the results of the comparative study for the implementation of The Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals. more…

International Experiences

Distributed Generation

EKLA-KAS and GESEL organized a workshop on the decentralization of electrical systems, impacts in the micro generation electric network and its economic-financial consequences for distributors. more…

European and South American Experiences

Development, Infrastructure and Regional Cohesion

This seminar, organized by AFBNDES, focused on analyzing inter-state relations within the framework of globalization and the formation of regional agreements, seeking to examine to what extent they influence governance and enable sustainable development, cooperation and social cohesion. more…



The Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America is located in Lima, Peru. It concentrates on one of the major issues of the future: Which interdependencies exist between the climate, environment and energy policy and how economical and ecological demands can be aligned.


Previous events

Dec. 6
La Paz

The Safety of Raw Materials and the Energy Transition Policy

Lithium and co. - Bolivia's energy raw materials

Nov. 28

Meeting of the Andean Mountain Initiative

International Round Table

Oct. 26 - 27

Climate change and social inequality in the Andean region

The complex interaction between energy, water and food security.

Oct. 19
Rio de Janeiro

NDCs: What is there for Latin America big cities?

Final Workshop - Closed Event


NDCs: What is there for Latin American big cities?

A case study and workshop project for four big cities and countries in Latin America

The project focused on a selected number of countries and (Mega) cities in Latin America: Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, Mexico and Mexico City, Argentina and Buenos Aires, and Peru and Lima. A field visit including a local workshop [...] more…

Protected areas and their relationship with food security in a context of climate change

An overview from Bolivia, Brazil and Peru

Investigation developed by Peruvian Society for Environmental Law and sponsored by the Programm EKLA-KAS more…

The lithium value chain

The workshop on "The Lithium Value Chain" in La Paz, Bolivia was attended by representatives of the Bolivian government, a delegation from the European Union and experts from Chile and Argentina who discussed the role of South [...] more…

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