5th German-Latin Energy Conference

International Conference

September 28 Thursday


September 28 - 29, 2017


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Organized by the program EKLA-KAS in cooperation with the German Latin Business GmbH, the German corporate network Latin America Association (LAV) and the German-Argentine Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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Already the fifth time in a row, politicians and businessmen from the energy sector of Germany and Latin America participate in our event in order to exchange their views on the opportunities and the potential of their economic relations. The aim is to create a broad network of contacts and opportunities for new, specific projects in bi-regional energy cooperation.

This year, the focus will be on the Argentine oil and gas sector, new technologies for energy efficiency (especially heat generation, refrigeration and transport) and the interaction between energy and digitalization.

In the following link you can find the report on the 4th German-Latin Energy Conference in San José, Costa Rica.

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Giovanni Burga

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Giovanni Burga
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