Meeting of the Andean Mountain Initiative

International Round Table

November 28 Tuesday


November 28, 2017


Municipalidad de Huaraz, Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 734, Huaraz, Peru. To the website ›



The Andean Mountain Initiative (Iniciativa Andina de Montañas,IAM) is a technical and political network that brings together representatives of the seven Andean states once-a-year.

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This year, the meeting will be organized by the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (EKLA-KAS) together with the National Research Institute for Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems of the Peruvian Ministry of Environment (INAIGEM).

Representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela will come together in Huaraz to exchange their experiences and progresses concerning mountain ecosystems. In particular, the round table seeks to provide a knowledge-sharing platform in order to facilitate exchange between the Mountain Committees, created in each Andean state within the framework of the IAM, aiming to establish new strategies for institutional improvements on national as well as on regional levels. The international round table will be organized within the context of the First International Congress on Climate Change and its Impacts (I Congreso Internacional de Cambio Climático y Sus impactos), which will take place from 29 November to 1 December 2017 in Huaraz, Peru.

Closed event.


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I Congreso Internacional del Cambio Climático y sus Impactos

First International Congress on Climate Change and its Impacts

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