The Safety of Raw Materials and the Energy Transition Policy

Lithium and co. - Bolivia's energy raw materials

December 6 Wednesday


December 6, 2017, 8:00 - 14:00


Casa Grande Hotel, Grán Salón 2, Calle 16, 8009 Calacoto, La Paz, Bolivia



Closed Workshop with experts.

Also available in Deutsch, Español, Português

The energy transition in Germany changed the sustainable demand for energy raw materials from abroad. Lithium, tin and other raw materials are going to be or are already more important than oil and gas for German energy security. Therefore, in a politically less predictable world, some regions are particularly important for Germany, which possess these raw materials and have a stable framework. Therefore, Latin America has become a key partner for the German energy transition. Especially Bolivia, which, due to its vast reserves of raw materials such as lithium, could play an increasing geopolitical role. Therefore, the development of this energy policy of economic cooperation and development in terms of bilateral benefits should be at the forefront of the professional discourse coordinated by the KAS.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

  • 08.00 h Registration
  • 09.00 h Welcome Words
    • Dr. Christian Hübner, Head of EKLA-KAS
    • León de la Torre Krais, Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Bolivia
    • Matthias Sonn, German Ambassador in La Paz
  • 09.15 h Raw materials in Bolivia for the German energy transition: Lithium and co.
    • Luís Alberto Echazú Alvarado, Deputy Minister of High Energy Technologies of Bolivia
  • 09.45 h The safety of raw materials for the German energy transition
    • Dr. Hubertus Bardt, IW-Köln, Germany
  • 10:15 h (I) Panel: Perspectives for the German-Bolivian cooperation on raw materials relevant to the energy transition
    • Juan Carlos Montenegro, Manager of the state company Bolivian Lithium Deposit (YLB)
    • Michael Mechlinski, Renewable Energy and Lithium Consultant, GIZ
    • Carlos Peláez Gauthmon, General Manager of Brücken Consult GmbH
    • Carlos Delius, Kaiser, Bolivian entreprise
    • Carlos Alberto Echazú, Economist and Lawyer in Extractive Industries and Regulation
      • Moderator: Dr. Christian Hübner, EKLA-KAS
  • 11.45 h Pause/Coffee
  • 12.00 h (II) Panel: European-Latin American political dialogue for business development in the lithium sector
    • Mónica Castro, Global Consultant in Sustainable Development, Bolivia
    • Mauricio Lisa, Civil Association of Popular Studies, ACEP, Argentina
    • Carolina Ferreira, Lithium Advisor, Ministry of Mining of Chile
      • Moderator: Karina Marzano, EKLA-KAS


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