Good Governance to Energy Transition

August 21 Tuesday


August 21 - 22, 2018


Guatemala City



The 4th Conference will take place in Guatemala City this year and the main topic will be “Geopolitics of Renewable Energy”.

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Energy transition policies are getting more and more popular around the world and despite the latest backlash of the US-Government, today major energy investments in renewable energies are increasing. The energy partnership between Latin America and Europe, especially with Germany, can take a crucial part in the global energy transition process. Free trade agreements and special energy treaties between Latin America and Europe serve as a sustainable basis for future cooperation. Considering those developments, the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change initialized the conference series: “Good Governance for Energy Transition between Latin America and Germany” which aims at emphasizing current challenges of renewable energy and climate change policies. The conference brings together a selected group of experts and politicians from Latin America and Germany. The series started in Lima – Peru in 2015, then went to Montevideo/Maldonado - Uruguay in 2016 and to Valdivia - Chile in 2017. The 4th Conference will take place in Guatemala City this year and the main topic will be “Geopolitics of Renewable Energy”. With a history of geopolitics focused in oil and gas, new strategies must adapt to the market of renewable energies. In order to anticipate new changes and scenarios, we will debate the access of sustainable energy and electric grids, the availability and security of critical material for the renewable supply chain such as lithium, and the climate change risks and social conflicts that could affect but also increase the urgency of the development of renewables.


August 21st Political Debate (Invitation only, closed event)

  • Legislative development in energy and geopolitical transition policy in Latin America and Germany

August 22th Conference(Open event)

  • Keynote: Geopolitics of Renewable Energy | Cecilia Aguillon, Director, Energy Transition Initiative, USA
  • Keynote: Economics of Renewable Energy in Central America | Pablo Ortega, Energy Division Manager of Siemens, Guatemala
  • Panel 1: Sustainable Energy Access and Electric Grids
    • Dessireé Menéndez, Economic Advisor, Wholesale Market Administrator, Guatemala
    • Alberto Levy, Expert leader on Energy, IADB, Guatemala
    • Andres Schuschny, Projects and Studies Director, OLADE, Ecuador
    • Georg Meyer-Braune, 50 Hertz, Germany
    • Moderation: Pia Molitor, Germany
  • Panel 2: Resource Security: Critical Materials Supply Chains
    • Carolina Ferreira, Consultant, IADB, Chile
    • Carlos Peláez, General Manager of Brücken Consult, Bolivia
    • Victoria Flexer, Researcher CONICET, Argentina
    • Felix Spangenberg, A.T. Kearny, Germany
    • Moderation: Nora Zaremba, Journalist, Germany
  • Panel 3: Climate Change, conflicts and risks
    • Skype Presentation: Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Head of Climate Science and Impacts, Climate Analytics, Germany
    • Guisela Mayén, Director of Research, Monitoring and Learning,Guatemala
    • Ciro Salazar, Governance and Environmental Manager, DAR, Peru
    • Alex Guerra Noriega, Director ICC, Guatemala
    • Moderation: Carlos Eduardo Huertas, Director CONNECTAS, Colombia
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