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September 28, 2016


Article originally published in Cadernos Adenauer 2/2016. We invite you to read the publication! more…

September 12, 2016

FGV Energia

A comparative analysis of energy transition in Latin America and Europe

With the support of EKLA-KAS, FGV Energy prepared a comparative research on energy transition processes in Latin America and Europe. The results of this study are available here for free download. more…

August 30, 2016



EKLA-KAS and Gesel organized the International Seminar "Integration and Electrical Security in Latin America" in Rio de Janeiro. Follow here the report, presentations and photos of the event.

July 18, 2016

Panel on Sustainable Development and Energy Matrix in Latin America

A three-day course on Sustainable Development and Energy Matrix in Latin America was taught by Professor Jorge Asturias, Director of Studies and Projects of OLADE, during the XII Winter Course on International Law, an initiative by CEDIN. more…

June 30, 2016

Oil Price Risks and Climate Security: Challenges for the Energy Policy in Latin America

Experts from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela met in Berlin to discuss the challenges and risks of oil prices and climate security for the regional order in Latin America. more…

June 2, 2016
Gespräch mit argentinischen Umweltminister Sergio Bergman

Meeting with the Argentinian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman

On May 31, 2016, the Director of the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America, Dr. Christian Hübner and Olaf Jacob, Head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Argentina, met with the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina, Sergio Bergman.

May 9, 2016

What can be expected from the new climate agreement?

Experts discuss which are the advances that have been made in relation to the Paris Agreement at the show "Tema Livre" of the National Radio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) more…

April 28, 2016

Twitter Interview


On April 22nd, on Earth's Day, the Paris Agreement was signed in New York. Find the recommendations of experts of Germany, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru to take action on this topic in Latin America. more…

April 25, 2016

Social Media


Follow our events, publications and news by twitter @EKLA_KAS and Facebook 'KAS Seguridad Energética y Cambio Climático en América Latina'. more…

March 15, 2016

Interview with young Brazilians

Urban development and climate change: What comes next?

What is sustainable urban development in times of climate change? What I mean by quality of life in my city? These and other questions are of great importance to the political youth in megacities of Brazil. Watch the video here. more…