Sustainable Development and Energy Matrix in Latin America

Universal access to clean energy

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The present work seeks to understand the role of regulation and environmental institutions in Latin America, and to analyze the sustainable development of the countries of the region. The book is divided into two parts: in the first, it is intended to demonstrate the complexity of the problem at the regional level and the solutions addressed by the Law and by specialized regional organizations. In the second, it was tried to analyze concrete examples of the approach of the subject in Latin American selected countries.

The Latin American region is ideal for the implementation of environmental projects due to the abundance of green energy sources such as sun, water, geothermal energy, wind, and biomass. To explore and develop this potential will help Latin America satisfy its growing energy demand. In order to exploit the full ecologic potential of the continent, it is necessary to understand the current state of environmental policies in Latin America. Hence, the KAS supports this study, organized by our partner the International Law Centre (CEDIN), aiming to facilitate the access to information. A better understanding of the peculiarities of the Sustainable Development and Energy Matrix in Latin America opens up a whole new range of opportunities for cooperation and exchange of best practices. Within the framework of this project, a range of events were organized in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where experts from different institutions in Latin America discussed the topic together with students and legal professionals, creating an opportunity for law students to discuss climate and energy issues, a topic still uncommon in the basic program of legal training, but that has been receiving increasing attention from young professionals.

We hope that this report aids the process of developing an action plan to ensure access to energy as a way of achieving the objectives set by Sustainable Development Goals. The main goal is to examine the current developments on access to renewable energy and the existing energy development projects in specific countries, as well as their possibilities for improvement. We would like to thank CEDIN for their important actions in international law and especially for the partnership in the composition of this document, as well as all the researchers and authors who contributed to this publication.

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Brazil, November 11, 2016



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