NDCs: What is there for Latin America big cities?

First Workshop - Case Study: Lima-Peru

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EKLA-KAS organizes in collaboration with the "International Institute for Sustainability (IIS)" a series of workshops for the implementation of national climate goals by local governments. The first workshop was held on March 15th, in Lima-Peru, aiming to apply the contributions articulated at the national level within the framework of the Paris Convention (NDC) to the concrete climatic issues of local policies.

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Sergio Marguelis (IIS)

The main focus of the workshop is the political decision-making process in megacities. Cities have a large responsibility in implementing national climate goals, as they account for approximately 80 percent of the energy consumption and generate three-quarters of the energy sector's greenhouse gas emissions.

Sérgio Margulis (IIS) presented, at the beginning of the workshop, the importance of cities in general, especially in the case study of Lima-Peru. He stressed that the situation in each city is unique, but dialogue, indicators and concrete measures are very important in this process. In this case, objectives, data and indicators at national and local level should be coordinated.

In his lecture, he posed four questions: First, he asked how useful is the coordination of the city's climate action plans with the NDCs? Second, what are the responsibilities of different levels of government to achieve these goals?. To what extent do national governments define policies and support local governments, or is it an already complex inter-sectoral agenda? And finally, what role do governments, civil society and the private sector play in this agenda? These topics were discussed openly and dynamically among invited experts. The debate focused mainly on how institutions and governments can assist in the implementation of NDCs.

The next workshops of this series will take place in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.


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Peru, April 3, 2017

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