Distributed Generation:

International Experiences and Comparative Analyses

Also available in Deutsch, Português

EKLA-KAS supports this study on Distributed Generation, organized in cooperation with our partner, the Electricity Sector Study Group (GESEL, in its Portuguese version) of the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IE/UFRJ), aiming to facilitate the access to international experiences and best practices.

Within the framework of this Project, an international workshop was organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in which energy experts debated the decentralization of electrical systems, impacts in the micro generation of electric network, and its economic-financial consequences for distributors.

We hope that this book will contribute to the process of further increasing electrical integration in the region, based on renewable sources. It is believed that this is a strategy that will bring security for the transition to a low-carbon energy mix, allowing mitigating climate change, while promoting sustainable social and economic development.

The main goal is to offer subsidies and proposals for the authorities responsible for energy policies and for the members of the legislative branch, to formulate and implement public policies, regarding distributed energy generation.

The publication is available above for a free download.


Nivalde de Castro, Guilherme Dantas


Brazil, March 8, 2018



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