Policy Brief on Trade and Environmental

International trade and Biodiversity: complementarity or conflict?

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Second policy brief of the series “Trade and Environmental Policy” of the EKLA Program of Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation and the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law

This second publication, addresses some of the most prominent and current issues of the international trade and biodiversity debate. Given the complexity and scale of the matter, the description and analysis of important historical background information presented is being limited; the paper focuses on central issues that have been highlighted in the trade debate over time. It also addresses how they´ve been discussed and negotiated in different forums and how different blocks and interests of countries envision their own sustainable development as their main goals within the globalization process. These issues include:

The loss of biodiversity as a result of (unsustainable) trade practices, the international flows of genetically modified organisms, technology transfer, access to genetic resources, the relationship between multilateral environmental agreements and the WTO, and biodiversity protection standards in regional/bilateral trade agreements.

In this link you can read the first policy brief:
A Review of Instruments, Negotiations, Processes and Actors Relevant for Latin America


Peru, June 11, 2018

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