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"I have met personally Konrad Adenauer "

3th German – Latin American Good Governance on Energy Transition Dialogue

Experts met at the 3th Good Governance on Transition Conference to debate energy related issues in Latin America and German. Topics ranged from political framework conditions to battery storage capacity and new technologies as Blockchain. more…

Nora Marie Zaremba | Event Reports | September 27, 2017

Tacna: On the path to sustainability

Regional seminar

In Tacna, region in southern Peru and bordering with Chile, the fourth regional seminar on sustainable development and renewable energies was held on August 25th. This event was organized by the EKLA-KAS Program and the Red Energía Renovable Perú (Renewable Energy Peru Network). more…

Event Reports | September 16, 2017



This conference was dedicated to investigating the potential for cooperation between Mercosur and the European Union in the context of the implementation of the SDG and NDCs related to climate change, energy security and food security. more…

Event Reports | August 21, 2017

Syncing Environmental and Energy Security through inter-bloc Cooperation:

What is in for the EU and Mercosur?

This paper seeks to discuss the importance of cooperation between the European Union and Mercosur in sustainable energy policy making, as well as present suggestions on how social and political dialogue should take place in those areas. more…

Flávio Augusto Lira Nascimento | August 2, 2017

Panel on Refugee Law and Environmental Protection

at the XIII Winter Course on International Law

EKLA-KAS collaborated with the organization of a course on Refugee Law, Human Rights and Environmental Protection during the XIII Winter Course on International Law, an initiative by CEDIN. more…

Karina Marzano Franco | Event Reports | July 17, 2017