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Brazilian Student Encounter of International Relations

EKLA-KAS supported this event, specially the Panel on "Contexts and challenges for security and energy efficiency in Latin America" held on April 29th, in Goiânia, Brazil. more…

Karina Marzano Franco | Event Reports | May 3, 2017

NDCs: What is there for Latin America big cities?

First Workshop - Case Study: Lima-Peru

EKLA-KAS organizes in collaboration with the "International Institute for Sustainability (IIS)" a series of workshops for the implementation of national climate goals by local governments. The first workshop was held on March 15th, in Lima-Peru, aiming to apply the contributions articulated at the national level within the framework of the Paris Convention (NDC) to the concrete climatic issues of local policies. more…

Michelle Wiesner | Event Reports | April 3, 2017

Arequipa: Path towards sustainability

Regional seminar

In Arequipa, region to the south of Peru, the second regional seminar on sustainable development and renewable energy was held on March 17. This event was organized by the EKLA-KAS Program and the Renewable Energy Network Peru. more…

Event Reports | March 24, 2017

Climate change: What is our role?

International forum

Accomplishing the series of events on climate change and cities in the Pacific Alliance, on March 8 and 9 the ‘International Forum on Climate Change: What is our role?’ was held in the city Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Authorities of the municipality of Cali, panelists, representatives of Colombian cities and the public in general participated in the event. more…

Event Reports | March 23, 2017



The Peruvian Renewable Energy Network (a member of PLESE) and the EKLA-KAS Program organized in the city of Piura the event that begins the cycle of workshops to be held in different regions of Peru. more…

Event Reports | February 9, 2017